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Summer / Spring 2014

We are springing into summer here at New Beginnings. Spring has been full of family events. We celebrated Easter and Pastor Joe’s 65th birthday. We had a family day at Camp Qwanoes with 70 of our members. We welcomed new babies, rejoiced at a wedding, and grieved with those who lost family members. We were a part of “Journey Together Heal Together,” a film and panel to help bring understanding of the effects of the residential schools that are still felt today by our families. We also had ten people join the Rising Above Conference in Prince Rupert which we helped host last year here in Vancouver (Click here for our spring/ summer newsleter)

Winter 2014 Newsletter


As a church, we have many things we are excited about. This newsletter is also full of plans for the summer and you won't want to miss the story of our first law student at New Beginnings or of the new ministry we think God is calling her into. So read on, and see how God is at work here in East Vancouver! (Download Winter Newsletter 2014)

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Fall Newsletter 2013

We have so much to catch up on! God has been doing great things in the inner-city of Vancouver. This year we have seen new believers, baptisms, healing from addictions, families restored, over one hundred kids and youth attending Christian camps and hundreds more people hearing the gospel and eating a great chicken dinner in the park, right across the street from our church! (Download Newsletter )

2012 Spring Newsletter Out

Vancouver’s East End has people coming from all over our country to join it’s wide open life of crime, drugs & drunkenness. Crime is out of control-the police can’t handle it, the courts can’t handle it, our city & country can’t handle it. Cars are being stolen or broken into, homes are being broken into. Stabbings & shootings are common place. This month there was a murder 1 block away & an armed standoff next door to us. Just normal for Vancouver’s East End. Drug addiction & drunkenness fuel this rampage... (Download Newsletter)

The Story


What’s the Bible all about? Is it 66 books or one? Should we just read the New Testament and ignore the Old? These are a few of the questions that new believers face as they begin a journey through life with Jesus. THE STORY, compiled by Randy Frazee and Max Lucado, has joined together the words of Scripture in chronological order to tell the story of God’s plan for the world, from Genesis to Revelation, as one story. We, at New Beginnings, are taking the journey through THE STORY, from the youngest to the adults


It is an exciting time to read God’s Word together as families in age appropriate language. One of the mom’s said her children were raising their hands to ask questions as she read them the story at home! Another mature believer said she had read ahead, she couldn’t wait to see what was next. She shared that things were beginning to make sense to her now that she could see what God had as His plan for this world. We are praying that reading through the story of the Bible will spark the desire to go back and read the entire Bible through and establish the pattern of regular family Bible reading together.


“All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.” II Timothy 3:16-17


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